Grunow Chrome Grille…Redo

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BEFORE & AFTER(shot-for-shot comparison)

This cool designed 1938 Grunow Model 592 (594) was rough:


This radio is too rare for me to do an amateur job.  Fortunately, I know some talented people.  Dimensions: 13″ W, 8″ H, & 6″ D.


It had to be decided whether to repaint in white, or to restore the wood.  Once the paint was removed and the walnut wood was revealed, it was decided that refinishing would look better than a re-paint job.


This shot solidifies the decision to reveal the wood grain:IMG_3692


Amazingly, it didn’t need a re-chrome, I just used metal polish.IMG_3698

The refinishing of the cabinet was done by Gary Marvin of Creswell, Oregon.  He’s well known in the Northwest for restoring large floor model consoles, and he even has a very good customer in China.  The electronics were restored by Jerry Krocker of Salem, Oregon.  Jerry works on all types of electronics, and has his own brand of tube-type guitar amplifiers.



A couple of extra angles:



And now it’s on a shelf with some of our other wooden radios:IMG_3673

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