The Dick Bosch Collection

Most of the members of the Northwest Vintage Radio Society know Dick Bosch.  He’s a NWVRS member, a collector, a repairer, and a seller of radios.  Recently, he sold his personal collection.  If you weren’t lucky enough to see it in person, here are some photos.  The main display is in a neat set of bookshelves along his office wall.  Here’s a general shot, and the individual sections follow, so you can see the radios better.  In fact, clicking on the photos will not only make them larger, but clearer too.


Definitely a lot of great radios!  The one blank spot on the shelves was normally occupied by a Beetle Plastic Addison A2, but that day, Dick was working on the electronics in his shop.  Dick and his wife Shirley, who live in Vancouver, Washington, collected many more radios over the years, and have sold over 400 of them that Dick restored.


A couple of fun facts.  As a Marine in the early 1960’s, Dick worked at the top secret Area 51.  While visiting nearby Las Vegas at that time, he got to see Frank Sinatra and the rest of the “Rat Pack” perform.

4 thoughts on “The Dick Bosch Collection”

  1. I notice the small Gilfillan Model 56 C on the next to the bottom shelf above the 2 Motorola radios.
    I have one of those in non-working condition, but the cabinet is in very good shape, however missing the original back cover. It has been on my list for restoration and will be very shortly.

    The condition of the cabinet I assume to be Plaskon or possibly Catalin is in exceptional shape. It is a nice little AM Radio with exceptionally rounded sides and a most interesting and uniquely designed rounded Dial Face. It should light up nicely in the evenings.
    This radio is not oftentimes seen or mentioned. According to the radio museum site, it also came in a bright red color.

    Glad I noticed it merited also being in your collection.

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