Radio Swap Meet

The Northwest Vintage Radio Society had a sale this April in Portland, Oregon.  It was mostly a swap meet with members selling radios and parts to other members, even though the event was open to the public.

My wife, Jeannette, helped bring in all of the radios from our vehicle, and took care of our table while I checked out the other tables.  Unfortunately for me, only a limited number of club members are into collecting Catalin, Bakelite, and other plastic radios.

Above are some of the radios we had for sale.  We sold three radios and a Catalin poker chip holder…none of which are pictured…because the photos were taken after the sales.  We’re starting to reduce our collection again, and we were happy to sell three radios, but it looks like we’ll have to use eBay for more sales.  The radios we sold were a black Bakelite Philco TP7, an ivory Plaskon Remler Scottie, and a Canadian blue Beetle Plastic GE C400…all shown below.

5 thoughts on “Radio Swap Meet”

  1. Hi Phil, I enjoyed looking at your website, some great radios, and the site is set up really well. I had a question, do you still have the blue Setchell Carlson radio available?

    1. hello do you have any zenith shutterdials radios for sale or know anyone that has some thank- you.

      Editor: I sent an email to Stephen with a lead on a Zenith with a shutter dial.

  2. Setchell Carlson radios are becoming quite popular these days, especially the Model 58 A aka “The Jet”, which is now one of the most collectible and sought after radios out there today. Bart Setchell would have been proud! Look at the latest Youtube video of a restored AM/FM model of Setchell Carlson’s “The Jet” radio. There is also a Vimeo LINK to one of the comments on the history of the Setchell Carlson Inc, radio and television company out of New Brighton, Minnesota.

  3. Hello. I just discovered your site, and am wondering if you still are selling some of your radios? You have a wonderful collection. Thank you for your time, Terri Means

    Editor: At this time, I’m not selling the 27 radios currently in my collection. Thank you for the nice comment.

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