Radios…1930’s to 1950’s

“Radios Past” features collectible radios of the 1930’s and 1940’s, with some from the 1950’s.

The main presentation is a free 47 Page digital book (no ads).  It’s radio photos, with years, model numbers, and short comments.  To see the book click Here

After this main page are short articles on various radios or topics.  Article titles are listed to the left of this page (on a tablet or computer), and you can go directly to an article by clicking on the title, or use the search box.

(A photo of my ever-changing collection in 2018)

Note: Photos in the articles can be made larger by clicking on them.

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One thought on “Radios…1930’s to 1950’s”

  1. I very much enjoyed your Radio Collection I live in Newfoundland Canada I have over 600 radios in my collection a lot of American Bakelite Radios and also 40 console radios mostly Canadian with a good mixture of Zenith’s and Philco Models I’m looking for a Crosley Dashboard Model 125u Sumatra Green in color I need it to replace one that was damaged from a fall from a shelf aided by a push from our cat the radio was on the shelf for over 20 years it was during a wind storm of 130 mph he hid behind it I’m heartbroken over the loss I have 24 more Dashboards but this is the hardest one to replace would you have one to sell or know of one to purchase let me know yours in collecting or call 709-754-1501

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