Emerson Catalin Tombstone Radio For Sale!

This beautiful 1938 Emerson BT245 in green Catalin (with yellow & brown swirls) is for sale.  It’s been in my personal collection for more than a decade.  The case is completely free of any cracks, chips, or repairs.  It’s all original with the exception of the excellent replacement knobs and back.  The size of the radio is about 10-inches by 7-inches.  The chassis is untested (no cord), but looks to be in good shape.  The price is $2,800.  Shipping is free.  I’ll have the radio professionally packed, insured and shipped by FedEx (continental U.S. only).  Please see the below photos, and feel free to contact me at philbausch@gmail.com.

Thanks!  Philbausch@gmail.com

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